Coaching with Andreas

Coaching with Andreas

“Trust the process and life will unfold.”

Are you looking for a good listener to support you, someone with interest and curiosity, who seeks to capture the unspoken in your words and is able to reflect it back to you? Then, let’s have a conversation.

For me coaching includes sparring. As my client, you will not just get great questions to both broaden and focus your thoughts, you will also get a personal view to challenge your reflections and to integrate your emotions and create a holistic image of where you are. That’s the starting point.

Regardless of whether you are clear about your goals for coaching or not, we will work and explore together to identify what you want for yourself and from life. The coaching process will also include identifying biases, obstacles, limiting beliefs and actual constraints. It will involve looking at the personal frames of reference that you use to make sense of what you experience. We will look at your biographical memory, at the experiences that shaped who you are and how you feel and think, and at how you make decisions and chose your actions.

As your coach, my overall goal is to foster your self-competency and autonomy.

Are you interested in exploring the possibilities?

I invite you to reach out to me at [email protected]. We can start a dialogue to allow us to decide if we want to work together and, if so, to develop a coaching plan.