Using Choice as a path for Transformation

Do your thoughts keep you awake at night and nip at you during the day? Thoughts like: “I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this.”  “ Life is too hard.”  “People aren’t there for me.” “Nothing works out.” 

In a safe, warm, and supportive group setting, our six week workshop will give you the tools to liberate yourself from negative self-talk and the residue of painful memories so you can create a new direction and know joy and satisfaction. 

If the following questions resonate, we invite you to join this workshop. Our goal is to make it possible for you to strengthen your awareness, clarity, and commitment to behavior change.  

  1. Am I comfortable with a range of feelings?
  2. How do I relate to the unknown future?
  3. Does anger often create my mood?
  4. Do I welcome my mistakes, seeing them as an opportunity to strengthen my abilities?

Using the core teachings of The Gift by Dr. Edith Eger as our guide, this six-week workshop will explore constricting thoughts and behaviors. The culmination is learning how we can liberate ourselves and create fuller lives. The seasoned facilitators, a leadership coach and a therapist, will guide the group through both individual self-examination and collective sharing of insights and support, with revitalization and self-compassion as the goals. Meeting remotely, the facilitators and group will identify and establish the requisites for everyone to feel safe, physically and emotionally.

Facilitators: Audrey Eger Thompson and Leila Levinson
Suggested Reading: The Gift, 12 lessons to Save Your Life by Edith Eva Eger

6 Sessions:
Session 1: Developing a survivor vs a victim mindset; feeling vs avoiding
Session 2: Practicing self-care; connecting to gifts
Session 3: Awareness of negative thoughts; developing optimistic habits
Session 4: Exploring your grief and discovering how it may prevent joy
Session 5: Releasing anger and liberation from rigidity and perfectionism
Session 6: Using curiosity and optimism to free yourself from anxiety and worry
Each session includes discussion of theory and application into everyday life.

Session limited to 12 participants. A short interview will be conducted to ensure the group dynamics.
Cost: $350
Length: 6 sessions, 1.5 hours each
Dates and Times:  TBD – Contact us here if interested
Where: Remote online

About the Facilitators:
Leila Levinson
A licensed social worker, Leila Levinson came to be a therapist as a result of writing Gated Grief, a memoir about the consequences for her family of her father’s unrecognized trauma from his World War II service. A Nazi concentration camp liberator and army surgeon, her father never even hinted at his awful experiences. Photographs Levinson found after his death revealed his trauma and the source of the silence that pervaded her childhood. Gated Grief provides a multigenerational perspective of how unhealed trauma reverberates through a family. But readers also gain a more pressing lesson: healing results from opening ourselves to our suppressed feelings, from identifying and resolving obstacles to a satisfying and balanced life. 

Audrey Eger Thompson
Audrey Thompson, M.S., is an international leadership coach and wellbeing facilitator with success in helping individuals achieve desired behavior change and reach their full potential. She is passionate about working with individuals by envisioning their priorities and identifying the path to reach them. As an accountability partner, Audrey’s approach helps clients realize their strengths, and identify motivators and patterns that may constrain growth. She works with individuals or groups to visualize the life they want, deepen self-compassion and gain new perspectives on persistent habits.
To learn more about Audrey click here.

Our workshops are designed for individuals who know or suspect that something in their family’s background is holding them back. If you are seeking to understand and even use your family history to shape a more joyful future for yourself and those whose lives you touch, we invite you to join us to discover the real you and to align your actions with your life’s purpose.

We know that prior experiences, including those of previous generations, affect our life, even if those experiences are not discussed or revealed or we are unaware of them. Our special focus is on the connection between your family’s history and your ability to experience joy and meaning.

The objectives of our offerings are to:

  • Create a family life line to identify patterns, and explore how your behavior, physical health and emotional wellbeing may be influenced by these patterns.
  • Learn about secure base theory. Identify your secure bases and discover how you serve as a secure base for others.
  • Understand loss and grief and cultivate compassion.
  • Identify barriers and challenges that may be holding you back from achieving joy and accomplishments.
  • Develop a short and long-term action plan for you.

Currently our offerings are in a virtual format only.

Keynote Dialogue
90 minutes

A Keynote Dialogue offers an opportunity to reflect on how we became the person we are today and how our personal and family histories may impact our lives. By sharing their own experiences, Audrey and Andreas provide examples of how family history can be interpreted and used in both empowering and limiting ways. They invite participants to gently open themselves to similar reflections.

Tuition:  90 USD / 90 CHF / 90 EUR

If interested, contact us here.

Experiential Workshop Series
The Experiential Workshop takes a deeper investigation into your family’s roots and the impact it has on your life. Audrey and Andreas will guide the process and assist in assessing your current satisfaction with life, your aspirations and challenges.  

The series consists of four bi-weekly sessions of 2 hours each (8 weeks) and are structured as follows:

Session 1:         Introduction – “The real me.”
Introduction to each other and the workshop.
Application activity: Chart your personal and family life line.

Session 2:         Exploration – “The past: pain, joy, potential.”
A deeper discussion of how the past has influenced the present.
Application activity:  Reflect on your successes and failures: how can this new learning help me understand the choices I have made?

Session 3:         Identity – “Finding purpose.”
Clarifying what motivates you and determine how to shape that into inspired action to experience and maintain a purposeful life.
Application activity: Develop an individual action plan.

Session 4:         Action  – “Working to implement a successful an action plan.”
Identifying strategies to facilitate continued growth and transformation.
Application activity: Sharing ideas for strategies that encourage you to reach your identified goals and live with purpose.

Tuition: 300 USD / 300 CHF / 300 EUR

If interested, contact us here.

Customized Workshops
Workshops can be customized to your needs. They can be designed to apply to organizations and teams, and to focus on transformation and significant challenges.

For more information or to discuss a customized workshop, contact us here.